Frequently Asked Questions

What made you start a podcast about the paranormal world?

We've been working together for a long time and discovered along the way that we both love all things paranormal. Ghost stories, unexplained experiences, the history behind hauntings and urban legends with powerful roots. This realization that we could be weird together and not hide our love of the unusual motivated us to share that love with everyone else. Because the more the merrier. Especially when ghosts are involved.

Are you mediums or do you talk to spirits?

Ahem. No. We're business coaches. We talk to entrepreneurs. While we love a good ghost story and we're super excited to talk about these types of things, we are absolutely not "mediums" and we do not entertain the idea of actually communicating with ghosties.

For real. Don't send them here.

C'mon... Do You Really Believe All This Mumbo Jumbo?

What do you think? Do we believe in ghosts? Do you?

Are the paranormal events you talk about real? How can I experience it?

We do our best to avoid actually talking to ghosts because, hello, we like to tell the stories but we're totally chickens. The stories shared on the podcast are being told to the best of our ability and only the eyewitnesses in each event can confirm or deny the truth.

But we're choosing to believe it's a big heck yes. 

And as for experiencing the paranormal... seek it at your own risk!

How can I visit a location that you've spoken about?

Unless noted, we are not affiliated with any location, story or person in anyway outside from telling the history. Therefore any visits are out of our control. Word of advice though... Don't go snooping around private properties. Stay away from dangerous buildings. Get permission before exploring anywhere.

And remember, Girls & Ghouls is not responsible for any damage- physical, emotional, mental or otherwise- that may occur from paranormal exploration.

I have a ghost story! I've experienced something paranormal! How can I share it with you?

Oh, we're so glad you asked! We LOVE hearing about your hometown hauntings, personal paranormal experiences and more. You can email us directly at or head to the contact page!

I'm interested in a partnership, collaboration, etc. How can I reach you?

Easy! You can email us directly at or head to the contact page! We are very selective in our partnerships so please email us with complete proposal information and our team will be in touch.