EP 019: Drugs Are Bad, MKay? (The One About the Myrtle Plantation & Emily Sagee's Spectral Twin)

Here we go, one more time. Everybody's feeling fine, here we go now!

No, that has nothing to do with this week's episode. Literally at all. But it's stuck in my head as I type it and I thought I'd share.

This week, we're chatting it up with some light-hearted celeb talk to get ready for a spooky and sensational episode about things that left me with my jaw dropped.

We'll start this show off with a trip to Louisiana. Nope, we're not doing anything gross. Not gory gross. But instead, we're headed to the Myrtles Plantation, one of the most haunted locations in America. This plantation has been converted from home of a member of the whiskey rebellion to a bed and breakfast for those seeking a romantic weekend getaway.

Or, ya know, a ghost in the mirror.

Once we're done in the Myrtles, we're headed across the Atlantic to talk about Emily Sagee. And while she was a fabulous teacher, she wasn't known for her abilities as an educator. Don't get me wrong, Emily was a great teacher. But the twin she never saw that always trailed behind her was more interesting.

Maybe not to the parents or other teachers but the students definitely seemed fascinated.

And Emily isn't the only one that's experienced this apparition type being. Others have and have soon after met their demise.

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