EP 018: Let's Play Herd Ball! (The One About the Driskill Hotel & the Candle Shoppe)

Can you believe it? Season One of Girls & Ghouls is wrapping up. We're stopping at 20 so episode 18 is feeling bittersweet.

But we're not slowing down this time! 

This week, we're going on a journey to visit a ghost in Texas. Austin, in fact. We're donning our fanciest dress and stepping into one of the ritziest hotels known to man. The Driskill Hotel. 

This multi-million dollar hotel has brought celebrities and tourists alike but the fact that is was built during a time of cowboys and wild west means just one thing. You're absolutely going to find some happy haunters in your hotel room. And one of them might just be a bit of a ladies man, hoping to get some action while a pretty lady is in the shower.

Once we're done with that whole gig, we're headed back to Pennsylvania. Because, ya know, Erin was in the mood for a stay-cation. 

We're going to the Poconos, friends, where we're going to visit a candle shop. One named... The Candle Shoppe. Apt!

This old brownstone establishment won't just spook you in appearance. Oh no. The house belonged to a scientist that performed experiments to create the yellow fever and small pox vaccines.

And his test subjects? Well... they're still hanging out.

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