EP 015: Tennisballs & Tubesocks (The One About the Queen Mary & Poveglia Island)

It's almost time for summer vacation around Girls & Ghouls headquarters. Which means it's time for a ghostly vacation for your mind in this week's episode.  That's right, we're headed around the world in an hour.

We'll start in California aboard the incredible boat, the Queen Mary. Kirsten shares about this top class vacation ship turned battle ship and friends... the history is unbelievable. You'll almost forget that while this ship was bathed in luxury and is as popular as ever today... it's also occupying some guests that have never left. Including one that simply growls in your ear as you walk by. Don't worry, though! You can also find women waiting for the pools and dancing in the salon.

The problem isn't the people. It's knowing which of them are alive. And which are dead.

Once we're done on the Queen Mary, we're headed to Italy. Don't get too cozy, though, because we're skipping the vineyards. We're skipping the gondolas. We're not even stopping in Venice. Instead, we're headed to Poveglia Island. This island was the home and death place of more than 100,000 people. But not over the span of centuries. Oh no. This was a Plague Quarantine. And then eventually a mental hospital. Want to know what you get when you combine the Black Plague and a mental hospital with a sadistic doctor? Lots and lots of ghosts.

And not one of them wants to meet you.

SO grab your drink, cozy up in a well-lit place. And be sure to listen through this entire trip. We're taking one incredible ride!

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