EP 13: My Hairy Toes (The One About The Sultan's Place & Lord Baltimore Hotel)

There aren't many things scarier than a ghost. Except maybe a ghost that's out to get what was rightfully his and taken from him.

This week's podcast is nothing but terror from both Kirsten and Erin. But as I write this, I'm realizing... Kirsten's story is nothing short of absolutely gruesome.

Journey to the often spooky New Orleans with Kirsten to the mansion that has been dubbed the Sultans Palace. This incredible piece of architecture was the star of the street in its day but when it was occupied by a Turkish Sultan, things went downhill. Quickly. 

This story ends with a house full of blood, a hand in the yard and a city too terrified to even utter the occurrences that happened in this dwelling. And let's be clear. The Sultan isn't very happy either. And he's not shy about letting everyone know... 

Once we're done in Lousiana, we're coming back north for a trip to Baltimore, Maryland. In fact, we're going to be chatting about the hotel that Erin tried desperately to get Kirsten to visit when they last had a work-cation.

But Kirsten wasn't down with the Lord Baltimore Hotel and it's not hard to see why. This mammoth of a building has changed hands more times than we can count and while the multiple suicides aren't named the cause, we have to wonder.

Or is it the little girl that refuses to leave the staff alone. With her bright red ball while she screams in the corner. Or maybe the reason no one wants to check into the 19th floor has something to do with guest waking with unexpected company.

Visitors from beyond.

Tune in to hear tales that will make your skin crawl and your heart beat a little faster.

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