EP 017: Human Mummy Thingie (The One About the Kasha Creature & The Stone Lion Inn)

We're in vacation mode. Obviously. Because the stories we keep moving towards are 100% surrounding your travel destinations.

What? Didn't you know that you could get travel advice from a paranormal podcast? This is more of a where not to go than a suggestion of places to visit!

Kirsten's taking the lead this week and we're going on a luxurious vacation full of tropical breezes. Oh, and a creature that wants to eat you. Like, literally eat you. 

Hear the terrifying tale of an island that's tormented by an ancient spirit that isn't going for a jump scare but will attack you to the point that police don't even know how to handle the brutality.

We're going to calm things down with Erin. In fact, we're heading to Oklahoma to a lovely little bed and breakfast called the Stone Lion Inn. It's a lovely little inn where you can rest, relax and get murdered.

Oh, didn't I tell you? They host a murder mystery. Jeez, we wouldn't mix a murder up with this quaint little inn!

But there is a mummy. Oh. And a ghost that just wants to spoon.

Are you ready?

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