EP 12: I'm Verklempt. (The One About Gettysburg College & The Borley Rectory.)

We were a little verklempt when we recorded this episode, thanks to a scare from our favorite actor, Will Ferrel, getting into an accident. He's not a ghost we want to talk about on our show, okay?

However, we did bring the heat this week with stories that aren't just spooky but all around fascinating as well.

Erin brought it home with a Pennsylvania haunting. And guess where we're headed? Gettysburg, of course. This week Erin dug into Gettysburg College, a college that served as a Confederate hospital during the Civil War. This college, while harmless today, has its fair share of hauntings, including a scorned lover hoping to lure you to your death, a General that just wants to watch a show and scene out of time that leaves grown men frozen where they stand. 

It isn't just an education you'll get at Gettysburg College but a keen awareness that there's more in this world than you could ever imagine.

Don't get comfortable with this trip down memory lane because Kirsten takes it dark in an old-school horror style. The Borley Rectory is considered one of the most haunted places in England and it's earned its reputation for a reason.  Nuns in the garden and headless horses call this establishment home. And they're not too eager to tangle with the living. 

But if you were bricked into a wall by the people around you and that's how you met your untimely demise, you wouldn't be either.

Friends, it's time to get scary. But this week you'll conquer those fears with a little laughter. Except for one thing. The G&G team was too spooked to make jokes for a few of these stories. Are you ready?