EP 011 : Pigs in Space! (The One About the Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum & The Cecil Hotel

This week in Girls & Ghouls, we’re bringing the pain. No, seriously. We’re sharing stories that are more horrifying in life than we ever thought possible. And even death can’t quiet the spirits here. Because this week, we’re covering the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum and the famous Cecil Hotel.

And this week, it’s Kirsten’s turn to kick off the show.

The Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum was constructed from 1858-1881. And this asylum wasn’t just a lengthy build, it was massive. Massive to the tune of 666 square feet.

I mean seriously. Couldn’t they have added one more square foot?

Despite that, the asylum was built to provide a curative effect through it’s aesthetic. Unfortunately, the road to hell is paved with good intentions and like many asylums of its time, TALA fell into disrepair, overcrowding, and abuse.

Between spinning patients, freezing torture and rapid-fire lobotomies, it’s no wonder the asylum is home to a host of unrest spirits.  

More than 10 ghosts have taken up residence in TALA and some of them are not so eager to meet you. Are you ready to meet them?

Erin is bringing American Horror Story to life with the story of Cecil Hotel. This LA-based hotel was once a luxurious destination for the rich and famous but now it serves as inspiration for the popular show, American Horror story.

With over 16 suicides, the hotel has enough of a tainted history. But suicide just skims the surface of the terror with the hostel style walls.

This hotel was the home to not one but two renowned serial killers.

With blood stains still lingering on the carpet and poltergeists that choke guests in the night, are you brave enough to step into the Cecil Hotel? The rates may be low but the chances of leaving with an experience that will give you nightmares is high.

Are you scared?


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