EP 015: Tennisballs & Tubesocks (The One About the Queen Mary & Poveglia Island)

It's almost time for summer vacation around Girls & Ghouls headquarters. Which means it's time for a ghostly vacation for your mind in this week's episode.  That's right, we're headed around the world in an hour.

We'll start in California aboard the incredible boat, the Queen Mary. Kirsten shares about this top class vacation ship turned battle ship and friends... the history is unbelievable. You'll almost forget that while this ship was bathed in luxury and is as popular as ever today... it's also occupying some guests that have never left. Including one that simply growls in your ear as you walk by. Don't worry, though! You can also find women waiting for the pools and dancing in the salon.

The problem isn't the people. It's knowing which of them are alive. And which are dead.

Once we're done on the Queen Mary, we're headed to Italy. Don't get too cozy, though, because we're skipping the vineyards. We're skipping the gondolas. We're not even stopping in Venice. Instead, we're headed to Poveglia Island. This island was the home and death place of more than 100,000 people. But not over the span of centuries. Oh no. This was a Plague Quarantine. And then eventually a mental hospital. Want to know what you get when you combine the Black Plague and a mental hospital with a sadistic doctor? Lots and lots of ghosts.

And not one of them wants to meet you.

SO grab your drink, cozy up in a well-lit place. And be sure to listen through this entire trip. We're taking one incredible ride!

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EP 014: Disco Debbie (The One About the LaLaurie Mansion & Disneyland)

Get ready to feel all the feels in this weeks episode. We're digging into some crazy stories on opposite ends of the emotional spectrum. And FYI, this episode is NOT for the faint of heart or children. Just saying.

We're journeying back to New Orleans for a terrifying encounter with another home in the French District. And to make it even worse, it's a home that American Horror Story's Coven Season is based on. We're headed to the LaLaurie Mansion that was inhabited by one of the most notorious female serial killers, Delphine LaLaurie. This home was one that was full of death, despair, and tragedy, caused by an inhumane and evil woman. After the building was destroyed and subsequently repaired, there were some spirits unsettled that are quite accustomed to making themselves known. Even if it means calling your cell phone.

Don't worry. We're bouncing right back from that tale of despair by heading to none other than the happiest place on Earth. That's right! We're going to Disneyland, folks! Kirsten is changing things up this week and instead of telling a tale of terror, we're chatting about some of Disney's most famous hauntings. While some of these hauntings came from tragic accidents, the ghosts that are currently residing in the park are anything but scary. Who knows... if you've already visited, you may have already ridden next to Mr. One Way.

So fasten your seatbelt, get ready for emotional whiplash and tune into the latast episode of Girls & Ghouls. It's going to make you squeal with terror and maybe with delight.

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EP 13: My Hairy Toes (The One About The Sultan's Place & Lord Baltimore Hotel)

There aren't many things scarier than a ghost. Except maybe a ghost that's out to get what was rightfully his and taken from him.

This week's podcast is nothing but terror from both Kirsten and Erin. But as I write this, I'm realizing... Kirsten's story is nothing short of absolutely gruesome.

Journey to the often spooky New Orleans with Kirsten to the mansion that has been dubbed the Sultans Palace. This incredible piece of architecture was the star of the street in its day but when it was occupied by a Turkish Sultan, things went downhill. Quickly. 

This story ends with a house full of blood, a hand in the yard and a city too terrified to even utter the occurrences that happened in this dwelling. And let's be clear. The Sultan isn't very happy either. And he's not shy about letting everyone know... 

Once we're done in Lousiana, we're coming back north for a trip to Baltimore, Maryland. In fact, we're going to be chatting about the hotel that Erin tried desperately to get Kirsten to visit when they last had a work-cation.

But Kirsten wasn't down with the Lord Baltimore Hotel and it's not hard to see why. This mammoth of a building has changed hands more times than we can count and while the multiple suicides aren't named the cause, we have to wonder.

Or is it the little girl that refuses to leave the staff alone. With her bright red ball while she screams in the corner. Or maybe the reason no one wants to check into the 19th floor has something to do with guest waking with unexpected company.

Visitors from beyond.

Tune in to hear tales that will make your skin crawl and your heart beat a little faster.

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EP 12: I'm Verklempt. (The One About Gettysburg College & The Borley Rectory.)

We were a little verklempt when we recorded this episode, thanks to a scare from our favorite actor, Will Ferrel, getting into an accident. He's not a ghost we want to talk about on our show, okay?

However, we did bring the heat this week with stories that aren't just spooky but all around fascinating as well.

Erin brought it home with a Pennsylvania haunting. And guess where we're headed? Gettysburg, of course. This week Erin dug into Gettysburg College, a college that served as a Confederate hospital during the Civil War. This college, while harmless today, has its fair share of hauntings, including a scorned lover hoping to lure you to your death, a General that just wants to watch a show and scene out of time that leaves grown men frozen where they stand. 

It isn't just an education you'll get at Gettysburg College but a keen awareness that there's more in this world than you could ever imagine.

Don't get comfortable with this trip down memory lane because Kirsten takes it dark in an old-school horror style. The Borley Rectory is considered one of the most haunted places in England and it's earned its reputation for a reason.  Nuns in the garden and headless horses call this establishment home. And they're not too eager to tangle with the living. 

But if you were bricked into a wall by the people around you and that's how you met your untimely demise, you wouldn't be either.

Friends, it's time to get scary. But this week you'll conquer those fears with a little laughter. Except for one thing. The G&G team was too spooked to make jokes for a few of these stories. Are you ready?


EP 011 : Pigs in Space! (The One About the Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum & The Cecil Hotel

This week in Girls & Ghouls, we’re bringing the pain. No, seriously. We’re sharing stories that are more horrifying in life than we ever thought possible. And even death can’t quiet the spirits here. Because this week, we’re covering the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum and the famous Cecil Hotel.

And this week, it’s Kirsten’s turn to kick off the show.

The Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum was constructed from 1858-1881. And this asylum wasn’t just a lengthy build, it was massive. Massive to the tune of 666 square feet.

I mean seriously. Couldn’t they have added one more square foot?

Despite that, the asylum was built to provide a curative effect through it’s aesthetic. Unfortunately, the road to hell is paved with good intentions and like many asylums of its time, TALA fell into disrepair, overcrowding, and abuse.

Between spinning patients, freezing torture and rapid-fire lobotomies, it’s no wonder the asylum is home to a host of unrest spirits.  

More than 10 ghosts have taken up residence in TALA and some of them are not so eager to meet you. Are you ready to meet them?

Erin is bringing American Horror Story to life with the story of Cecil Hotel. This LA-based hotel was once a luxurious destination for the rich and famous but now it serves as inspiration for the popular show, American Horror story.

With over 16 suicides, the hotel has enough of a tainted history. But suicide just skims the surface of the terror with the hostel style walls.

This hotel was the home to not one but two renowned serial killers.

With blood stains still lingering on the carpet and poltergeists that choke guests in the night, are you brave enough to step into the Cecil Hotel? The rates may be low but the chances of leaving with an experience that will give you nightmares is high.

Are you scared?


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